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Vicks Mini CoolMist Humidifier

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  • Soothing, visible mist for better breathing and more comfortable sleep
  • Low maintenance - no filters required
  • Ultra-quiet and easy to clean
  • Compact design perfect for small size rooms
  • Runs continuously up to 20 hours
  • Auto shut off when empty
  • Scent pads provide a soothing Vicks scent
  • 2 year warranty
  • Suitable for children under 2 years

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What does it do?

The Vicks Mini CoolMist Humidifier provides a soothing flow of cool mist to raise humidity to optimum levels for better breathing and more comfortable sleep. The mist is visible, so it’s easy to see it working while feeling the benefits. Compact and quiet, the unit does not require filters making it a low maintenance option perfect for bedrooms, offices or other small rooms.

Why humidify?

Cold air is unable to hold as much water as warm air so as colder temperatures set in, humidity levels drop.

In winter, relative humidity can drop to as low as 10% - drier than the air in the Sahara Desert. Heating units and reverse cycle air conditioning in homes and offices also further remove moisture from the air.

So what is a comfortable humidity level? Most people experience problems when the relative humidity level drops below 25%. A comfortable humidity level is around 40-60%.

This level of humidity helps people breathe better, sleep better, and can help ensure a healthier home, particularly during cold and flu season.

Research confirms that influenza viruses survive longest and are transmitted most frequently in cold, dry weather (infectious spread peaking at between 20-35% humidity). Humidity levels of around 50% appear to best inhibit the spread of the virus.

Dry air can also be damaging to nasal tissues. Humid air keeps nasal passages moist, providing a better defensive barrier against invading viruses.

Humidified air may also help comfort and soothe irritated, ichy eyes, dry skin and scratchy throats due to dry environments like air-conditioned offices.

Special Features

Ultrasonic Oscillation
The Vicks Mini CoolMist Humidifier uses a method of humidification called Ultrasonic Oscillation. The water tank feeds cool water into the base; water flow is then atomised by a mist plate vibrating at a high frequency and the mist is quietly propelled up the mist outlet.

Visible cool mist is mixed with dry indoor air to help raise humidity levels.

Filter-free operation
No filters are required for operation meaning ongoing maintenance is quick and easy.

Compact & quiet
The modern, compact design makes this vaporizer perfect for bedrooms, offices or other small rooms around the home.

Visible mist
Visible mist makes it easy to see if your vaporizer is working and the vapour output level.

Vapour flow control
Just turn the dial to produce more or less mist according to comfort.

Translucent tank
A translucent tank makes it easy to see the water level at a glance.

Auto shut off
Unit shuts off automatically when water level gets too low for safety and peace of mind.

Runs up to 20 hours
20 hours operation per filling.

Vicks scent pads
Vicks VapoPads® scent pads (one included) are an option to help further comfort, soothe and revitalise the senses.

Simply place the scent pad in the Scent Pad Slot (see instruction manual or box).

The integrated scent pad heater gently warms the pad, releasing up to 8 hours of soothing essential oil vapours into the air. 6 packs are available to purchase separately.

Trusted brand name
The names Vicks and colds are synonymous in Australian households. Vicks is one of Australia’s most trusted cough and cold brands, used for decades by many generations of families.

Instructions for use

Important: always read the Use and Care Manual included with your humidifier before use. If you have lost your instructions please call 1800 655 841 for a replacement copy.

Note: Tank should be carried using two hands. One hand using the carrying handle located on top of the tank and the other hand supporting the base.

  1. Remove tank by lifting upwards from base, and turn upside down.
  2. Turn the tank cap in the direction of the open lock sign to remove.
  3. Fill tank with cool water (see notes on water quality). Do not fill with warm or hot water.
  4. Securely replace tank cap, aligning arrow with the lock symbol.
  5. Place tank back on the base.

Caution: Use care when handling the water tank to avoid unnecessary impact. Banging or dropping the water tank could result in damage to the tank that will cause leaking.


  1. With the power knob in the “off” position, plug humidifier into electrical outlet. Always ensure hands are dry.
  2. Turn the power knob to the highest setting.
  3. Direct mist output away from walls, furniture and bedding.
  4. Adjust to desired level of vapour output.

Using scent pads

  1. Use Vicks VapoPads® with your humidifier to provide up to 8 hours of soothing vapours.
  2. Open scent pad door.
  3. Open VapoPads® by tearing notch on pad bag. Do not touch pad with hands. If pad is touched, wash hands and do not rub face or eyes as it may cause irritation.
  4. Insert VapoPads® with angled end facing towards the product and close door.
  5. After 8 hours discard scent pad. To continue using scent pads, repeat steps 1-4.

Notes on VapoPads® usage:

  • Not recommended for infants under 4.5 kg.
  • For children between 4.5-10 kg do not use more than 2 pads in a 24 hour period.
  • Scent pad ingredients: Eucalyptus Oil, Menthol, Glycol, Cedar Leaf Oil & others.

Important: Do not use Vicks VapoSteam, other inhalants or essential oils in the Vicks Mini CoolMist as it will damage the humidifier.

Water quality and your humidifier
High mineral content in your water, also known as “hard water” may cause a white mineral residue to
accumulate on surfaces in the room near the humidifier.

This mineral residue is commonly referred to as scale (mineral build up). The higher the mineral content or hardness of your water, the greater potential for scale.

Scale is not a result of a defect or flaw in the humidifier. It is a result of the amount of minerals suspended in the water you are using.

If you live in a hard water area, the use of distilled water will minimise the production of scale.


To properly clean your humidifier we recommend the separate processes of scale removal and disinfecting. These two processes must be performed separately.

Instructions for scale removal

  1. Turn off and unplug the humidifier.
  2. Remove water tank from base. Remove tank cap, taking care that the black rubber cap seal does not come off. Empty water from water tank and base.
  3. If VapoPads® are installed, remove and set aside. DO NOT clean VapoPads®.
  4. Add 2 cups of undiluted distilled vinegar to water tank. Replace tank cap and swish vinegar solution around in tank. Place tank on base. Vinegar solution will drain into water reservoir and loosen mineral build-up (scale) on Nebulizer and float as they soak in the solution. It will also loosen scale on bottom of water tank.
  5. Soak for 15-20 minutes.
  6. After soaking, unlock tank cap and pour solution out in sink. Pour solution from water reservoir out in sink. Wipe nebulizer and float with soft cloth to remove loosened mineral deposits.
  7. Rinse water reservoir and water tank until smell of vinegar (for scale removal) or bleach (for disinfecting) is gone. Make sure water does not enter the fan opening (vented opening in back of base) or power knob.

Caution: do not submerge base in water. Doing so will damage the humidifier and void the warranty.

Instructions for disinfecting

Follow Steps 1-3 in Scale Removal instructions previously.

For Step 4: Add ¼ teaspoon of bleach to 1.9 litres of water and add to water tank. Replace tank cap. Swish solution around in tank. Place tank on base. Bleach solution will drain into water reservoir and will disinfect the reservoir and other components as they soak.

NOTE: Using more than ½ tsp of bleach per 1.9 litres of water may result in damage to your humidifier.

See steps 5-7 in Scale Removal instructions to complete the disinfecting process.

NOTE: Do not mix vinegar and bleach solutions together. These processes must be done separately.

End of season care and storage
Follow the cleaning instructions at the end of the season (remove VapoPads®). At the end of the season, remove any accessories used with the humidifier and allow all components to dry completely before storing.

Do not store with water inside the base, water reservoir or tank.

Pack unit safely and store in a cool, dry location.


The Vicks Mini CoolMist Humidifier carries a 2 year warranty.

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