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Vicks gives simplicity the green light

Hold perfectly still….insert this; position that just there.   Press this button. Wait how long?

Unfortunately the patience of babies and children can be a ticking time bomb, particularly when they’re unwell.  To them, ten seconds feels like ten years.

Desperate for a fuss-free way to monitor your child’s fever?  Vicks answers every parent’s prayers with the new Vicks Forehead Thermometer

With one simple swipe, this easy-to-use thermometer gives clinically accurate readings in an instant.  The soft, contoured ComfortTouch™ tip glides lightly over the child’s forehead – so gentle even your grumpy toddler won’t object.

It’s perfect to use on sleeping babies, with barely a feather touch so you don’t disturb their rest.

One of the trickiest aspects of monitoring a fever can be figuring out what temperature is okay and what isn’t.   It’s the middle of the night, your brain feels like jelly, you can’t find the instruction booklet, your internet’s down and no-one’s around at 3am to ask and… is 38.6 a fever or not?  Is it high?  Low?  Arrrghhhhhhh!!!

We’ve all been there.  Luckily, the Vicks Forehead Thermometer includes Fever InSight technology to save you the worry.  As you take a reading, the large screen changes colours like a traffic light – green (normal temperature), yellow (mild fever) or red (high temperature) – to show a child’s fever status at a glance. 

Plus, that big screen is back-lit so it’s easy to read when you sneak in to take their temperature at night.

The Vicks Forehead thermometer includes a Memory Tracker™ to automatically record the last 12 readings, so you don’t even need to remember what their temperature was a few hours ago (especially difficult when you’re sleep deprived!). 

The Vicks Forehead Thermometer is perfect for busy mums, families with multiple kids and mums of newborns wanting an accurate but easier to way to monitor temperature.  And that makes everyone feel better.