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Fever in Sight

Fevers are a normal, natural part of growing up as a child’s immune system develops.  Although they are common, it pays to be vigilant – so investing in a good quality digital thermometer is vital.

Fever InSight color display system helps you better understand the meaning of your child’s temperature.  In addition to giving a numbers read-out, the large, backlit colour-changing screen instantly reveals fever status by using a ‘traffic light’ system: green for normal temperature, yellow for slightly elevated or mild fever, and red for a possible high fever.

This feature is available on the Vicks Forehead Thermometer and Vicks Fever InSight Thermometer.

Why do you need to know your body temperature?

Bacterial or viral infections will often cause the body’s defensive cells to release proteins. These proteins act on the temperature regulating control centre of the body, causing body temperature to rise. This results in a fever, a temperature different from normal body temperature. Certain illnesses produce high fevers and must be treated with medication. Any variation in normal body temperature may indicate an illness and your doctor should be consulted.

The best method to determine an individual’s normal temperature is to use the thermometer when the person is feeling well. Record readings twice a day (early morning and late afternoon) and take the average of the two temperatures. This is then considered a personal ‘normal’ body temperature.