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Children's Fevers? It's simply got to be Vicks

The last thing you need when your child is sick and you’re stressed and frazzled is a complicated thermometer you can’t work.

Or worse – a dangerous mercury one (but we’ve all thrown those out by now, right?)

Vicks comes to the rescue with ultimate simplicity when you need it most: monitoring your child’s fever.  

Fevers are often a worrying time for parents; and they occur with unfortunate frequency
in a child’s early years, with littlies under two catching up to 12 viruses per year.  The Vicks Thermometer range helps you stay calm and get the facts right, combining elegant design with user-friendly features and trusted clinical accuracy.

Best of all, there’s a model to suit every family’s needs and budget.

For a basic, reliable model it’s hard to go past the Vicks Digital Thermometer – with its
3-in-1 function, large easy to read display and professional accuracy.   For mums and dads on the go (or squirmy toddlers!) there’s Vicks SpeedRead Digital Thermometer, which gives a temperature reading in just 10 seconds. 

The innovative Vicks Fever Insight Thermometer is a busy parent’s dream… not only does it give you an 8-second digital reading, but it also comes colour-coded so there’s no confusion, especially at night.

For the ultimate in ease and comfort, the whole family will love the Vicks Forehead Thermometer.  With just a quick swish over the forehead a colour-coded reading is given instantly: red for a high fever, yellow for mild and green for no fever.  Clever, quick, easy… and even the grumpiest child will enjoy the novelty.

A thermometer purchase is no small matter – it’s an item you will use frequently, and a very important one at that, because just a small change in temperature status can mean a hasty trip to the doctor. Make sure your family relies on a trusted name… Vicks. Simply the best choice for children’s fevers.